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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

This blog post is inspired by Yash; I hope this facebook cycle continues so that we get to read more random stuff about people we know.

Coming straight to the point:
1. I’m too complicated. It’s something to do with my unusual neural circuitry.

2. I hate cockroaches and dirty insects. I hate people who can hold them with their antennae. They make me vomit. Ack. Puke.

3. I usually hang out with only a few selected people. I’m choosy and don’t talk to many people around me. Most people in a crowd stink. Skunks.

4. I can get emotionally attached to anyone close enough. I fear losing people.

5. I’m a tennis freak and can watch it for hours together. You’re going to have a bad time if you bother me while I’m glued to a match.

6. I just love ice creams. Especially the ones without nuts as toppings. I’ve had entire family packs at a time. More on ice creams and experiences with the female selling it at Chicago in some other post.

7. I’m a perfectionist.

8. Politics is not meant for me. I can never tackle bureaucracy. I like straightforward people who don’t pretend about stuff.

9. I keep saying ‘oh fish!’ and ‘hai na?’ every now and then.

10. If given an option, I would choose to be a sea sponge. That way, I would get to laze around all my life with my bum attached to the floor. I don’t know who made me a human.

11. I like to stay low-profile. I think life’s more comfortable that way. You needn’t get noticed for any damn reason. No wonder sea sponges are so cool.

12. I can never reach any place on time. Punctuality is a huge struggle. On an average, I’m at least an hour late everywhere. I’ve been threatened, warned and rebuked but to no avail.

13. I’m religious and spiritual. But I don’t go overboard. I don’t agree with atheists.

14. I like to paint. If only I could get some time. And money to buy canvas.

15. I think most people are buffoons. If you look closely enough, you’ll realise.

16. I’m a perfect Leo; the kind described in books – word-to-word. There’s not a slight variation from the typical description. Lions rule, you know.

17. If I hadn’t taken up medicine, I would be doing zoology, molecular chemistry or finance.

18. I love India. I hate Indians who hate India. Jai hind.

19. I want to do an internship under a professional photographer, especially someone who holds interest in bird photography and landscape photography. Sounds cool.

20. I’m a vegetarian. I live on plants and leaves. If Brontosaurus could manage on them, even I can.

21. Rains are cool. Especially when you are outdoors with just the right company, without a windcheater and the sky is glutted with clouds. Winds, storms and lightning are even better.

22. I don’t mind living the rest of my life on a desolate island surrounded by sea with only fruits and berries to fill that darn muscular bag. I mean stomach. But of course.

23. I love to think that I’m the biggest fan of RenĂ© Goscinny and Albert Uderzo. For some reason, I think Fulliautomatix rocks.

24. I can waste hours together doing nothing. My palm says that I have a long life. Shit.

25. I think one day I’ll spend all the money I have. Too bad they don’t teach you good economics in school.

Now, I’m waiting to read about you guys.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Whatever It Means

Travelling to college is annoying especially with the construction of Metro Rail adding to the existing traffic congestion. You just can’t help but sit in a rick and stare at the world outside.

This is exactly what I was doing today morning, wasting nearly an hour stranded at one spot. The rickshaw wouldn’t budge an inch. There was nothing much to stare at either; except a little girl who probably had wandered from a nearby beggars’ hutment.

She wasn’t accompanied by anyone else but was unperturbed nonetheless. Hopping about, she discovered a rope that was tied to a low hanging branch of a tree. The rope was tied at both ends to the branch in order to make it an ingenious swing. The ten centimetres thick rope was reinforced by knots in certain weaker areas. But that didn’t dampen her spirits. She promptly sat, made herself comfortable and began swinging on the rope. She wore an ordinary black dress; it wasn’t tattered, neither was it new. It looked castoff but that didn’t bother her.

Her hands held the rope firmly enough so that she didn’t slip and gently enough so that the jute fibres didn’t poke her palms. Her smile widened as her speed increased – in direct proportion – as a mathematician would put it. She was alone, with no one around, her eyes weren’t looking for anyone either. She was totally on her own but made most of those moments. At least that’s what I could make out. I wish I could photograph and capture that moment so as to prove this to you.

I wanted to ask her name. But then, I just assumed it to be Life.

Saturday, February 7, 2009


I know nothing, nothing at all. At times, I’m not even receptive to that same old question. Maybe it happens when you don’t know anything.

I’ve never been so confused. I’m lost. I don’t know what helps getting out of this. It’s suffocating; there is no time. I don’t mind if someone else lives this moment for me. At least I won’t blame myself at the end of it.

Maybe it happens when you don’t know anything.