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Tuesday, July 21, 2009


After a few days, I’ll have completed 6 months of internship. Wow.

I think each department has its own catchword. I’ve heard them so often now, from so many people around, that I’ve begun to think it’s a part of normal vocabulary.

‘Arre yaar’, ‘kya re’, ‘sun na’ are few benign-looking terms. I have to now make conscious efforts to avoid using them.

When I was posted in surgery, everything and anything could be ‘mobilized’. “Aniruddha, aaj hamare unit ke AP ka birthday hai. Ek cake mobilize karna hai.” “Aniruddha, mere liye ek pen mobilize kar na.” “Exam ke liye patients mobilize karne hain.” “There is too much work. Ek aur intern ko mobilize karna padega.” “Kahin se toh tincture benzoin mobilize kar.” The list is endless. (I wonder what happens to the object that’s ‘mobilized’.)

Another pet peeve of mine is ‘stat’. I want an ABG stat. I want his electrolytes stat. Give him soda bicarb stat. Give me a pen stat. I want an IV line stat. Didn’t I tell you guys to do his workup stat?

Recently, I heard someone telling a nurse ‘double stat’. “Staff! Give that patient atropine double stat!” Phew. Some people are in real hurry.

Things were slightly better in medicine. ObGy is next. Another 6 months of nonsense.

Status: Very sad. My co-intern literally cried because of the ‘hyper’ me. I should’ve been better with her.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No Time to Spare

There's so much going around. Cartooning. Strike. Tests. Studies. Internship. Travelling.

There won't be blog posts for sometime now. I need a break.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Money Matters...

We are all going on a strike along with the resident doctors.

If they accept our demands, we'll be paid 8000 bucks. Which I don't think will happen.

Anyways. Happy holidays.

Sunday, July 5, 2009


To avoid confusion and maintain continuity, all the comics of Incompetent Os have been exported to a new blog site. (http://incompetentos.blogspot.com/)

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(Meanwhile, all the other articles will posted on this blog. Ciao.)