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Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Extern-Bashing Continues…

If this guy asks me one more question, I promise that I’ll wring his neck or cut his carotid.

That’s what any sane person would do, if constantly bombarded by sick questions. Every conversation that I have had with him was because of his foolish doubts. One day, someone should paint a question mark of font size 72 on this buffoon’s forehead.

“What is the time now? What should I do now? What if he doesn’t sign? How does one go to the first floor? Which train do I catch? How do I reach there? What time will the OPD get over? Who will reach the IPL semi-finals? Do you think this registrar is hot? Don’t you think she has a bad voice? Have you ever seen mosquitoes fucking each other? Where do I get that video? If I don’t have a ticket, will they catch me in the train? If I have forgotten my wallet, how will I eat in the canteen? What do they serve now? Why don’t you reply…?”

You know what, one day someone really pissed off with you will suture your mouth and put a 6 inch Dynaplast, reinforcing it with Crepe Bandage. Or better still – gag you with an inflated Foley’s balloon.